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Cunard Cruises 2025
World Cruise – Queen Victoria Itinerary 2025 – QV 2025

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Departure DateVoyageDaysItinerary
January 2-4 2025V502A2Southampton to Hamburg
January 2-9 2025V5027Southampton to Southampton
January 4-9 2025V502B5Hamburg to Southampton
January 4-21 2025V502C17Hamburg to Fort Lauderdale
January 4 February 6 2025V502D33Hamburg to Rio de Janeiro
January 4 March 30 2025V502E85Hamburg to Hamburg
January 9-21 2025V50312Southampton to Fort Lauderdale
January 9 February 6 2025V503A28Southampton to Rio de Janeiro
January 9 March 28 2025V503B78Southampton to Southampton
January 21 March 14 2025V504A52Fort Lauderdale to Fort Lauderdale
February 6-25 2025V50519Rio de Janeiro to Santiago
February 25 March 14 2025V50617Santiago to Fort Lauderdale
February 25 March 28 2025V506A31Santiago to Southampton
March 14-28 2025V50714Fort Lauderdale to Southampton
March 14-30 2025V507A16Fort Lauderdale to Hamburg
March 28-30 2025V5082Southampton to Hamburg
March 28 April 1 2025V508A4Southampton to Southampton
March 30 April 1 2025V5092Hamburg to Southampton
March 30 April 14 2025V509A15Hamburg to Southampton
April 1-14 2025V51013Southampton to Southampton
April 14-21 2025V5117Southampton to Southampton

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